BEC-LOGOWell-known Bible teachers from all over Thailand present the Gospel through media.  The Thai title, “Hong-Khrua Pra-Khum”, means “Kitchen of God’s Word”.  Bible teachers (the chefs) take God’s Word and spice it with their own flavors (stories and illustrations) to present meaningful truths.  A chef cartoon character is the logo for this program and a light-hearted jingle starts each episode.

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Each episode  can be produced for about  $250 USD.  Freedom Films produces one episode a month.  If you feel led to help finance this project, please go to the “Donate” button on the left side bar.  Or you can click here to go to our “Contribute” page for more information. 

The majority (95%) of the Thai population is Buddhist.  Most Thai people have access to video and social media. This project gives any Thai speaker worldwide who has a slight interest in learning Bible truths the opportunity to watch You-Tube and DVD’s for lessons and easy-to-understand explanations. In the Thai culture, life is about “Sa-nook and Sa-bai” (fun and comfort).   The intent is to discuss matters of greater importance by focusing on topics such as “The Guarantee of Salvation”, “Prayer”, “Obedience”, “Grace”, etc.   “Spiced” with personal illustrations and stories, these topics become more accessible and interesting.

A Thai pastor prepares to present a lesson.
A Thai pastor prepares to present a lesson.

BEC-THAI is distributed in many ways. You-Tube is an easy and popular avenue for millions of Thai people to view Bible teaching all over the world. DVD’s can also be produced and mailed to Thai churches as a tool for reaching neighbors in remote areas.

Group with BEC DVDs

 Since June of 2013, there have been 22 episodes completed in the Thai language.  They are listed below:

Christians and Stewardship

Christians and Offering

Intimacy with God

Who Am I?

Characteristics of a Mature Christian

The Great Commission

Live Wisely

Spiritual Diagram

Guarantee of Salvation


The Christian’s Circle of Life


The Word




Effects of What We See and Hear

Season of Life

Grace Upon Grace

Be In Unity For Peace

Christians and the Environment

Complete Life in God


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